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Urban Vanguard by Three Stroke Productions

Urban Vanguard:

Introduced during the AW20, the Urban Vanguard mini capsule represents a step towards (only seemingly) new territories in which identity and experimentation come together as a set of 8 items characterised by a mix of an 80/20% cotton sweatshirt combined with a  technical , next genration fabric with a “heritage” twist ”


Mixing the “classic” with the “modern” has always been one of the main ambitions here at Three Stroke Productions and the “Urban Vanguard” AW22 capsule was the perfect opportunity to continue the path of experimentation and exploration of new stylistic territories.

This time the mix of fabrics that distinguishes the Urban Vanguard range includes our classic 80/20 fleece fabric and a special  technical fabric inspired by  the “shepherd” tartan pattern

The outcoming B/W contrast delivers a gritty, but at the same time very elegant ensemble. This tartan style originated many centuries ago  on the Anglo-Scottish border and the name derives from the shepherds who  used to make plaids and jackets  from shepherd tartan cloth for protective and camouflage purposes.

The history of the Shepherd is solid and prestigious and that is why we are particularly proud to offer it in an absolutely modern context but with an eye always attentive to the historical reference points of fashion.


001 Uniform

Uniform Urban Vanguard

002 Futura

lFutura Urban Vanguard

003 Radical

Radical Urban Vanguard

004 Torpedo

torpedo urban vanguard

005 Ultra

Uniform Urban vanguard

006 Dinamo

Dinamo Urban Vanguard

009 Gas Mask

Gas Mask Urban Vanguard

009 Militant

Militant Urban Vanguard


The Urban Vanguard range includes also graphic designs t shirts for which we opted for a new drawing style based on a minimalist and contemporary approach to describe our original “urban ” inspired subjects

Our iconic Gas Mask Man is represent the Urban Vanguard’s main graphic representation.

gas mask hoodie

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