shirt 2 tsp ss 2015 We believe that a shirt is an important piece of clothing. It has to deliver a sense of elegance but at the same time qualitywise, it cannot be a compromise. Shirts play a crucial role within our collection: they can, on their own deliver class and style to your outfit. We would personally assign the same degree of dignity and importance to a nice pair of shoes. Our shirts are a classic slim cut with a button-down collar. The collars are the result of a huge amount of tentatives which lead us to the one we finally approved. A medium sized and well-proportioned collar. We’ve never been fans of overly big collars anyway. The process to making our shirts is a laborious one. In fact once the fit is approved it’s time to source the right fabrics. We work with a selection of top suppliers from mainly Portugal and Turkey. Quality and design are a priority for us: quality means that not all 100% cotton fabrics are the same. Providing that you treat your shirt with the proper care I’m sure you’ll want to wear it for years to come. This can only be achieved if you use quality cotton fabrics. I’ve been wearing and collecting all types of madras and checks shirts for years and they will always be a part of our range. This is a (sub) cultural issue for us. shirt 3 tsp ss 2015 Now we want to offer something fresher and set new esthetic standards. In our SS15 collection we have focused on a brand new and colourful range of gingham checks. Some of them are completely different to the ones we have sold in the past. The intention was to inject an extra amount of positive energy by adding a few new brighter colours like orange, yellow, blue and green. The feedback from our followers has been more than good so we’re more than happy about what we’ve done. As far as AW15 is concerned we have decided to increase our plain colour shirt range by introducing some new soft and smooth melange fabrics. You need to try them on to appreciate the feel they deliver. Also, not to be forgotten are our new specially engineered gingham checks.

At the present we’re testing some new garment dyed shirts for SS16 so stay tuned for more news about them. Also before I forget – how about a few nice shirts for the lasses? So yes, shirts for us mean class, style, harmony, personality; and attitude. But what happens when shirts turn out bad? Well let’s spend a few words about ugly, poor fitting shirts. When you buy your shirt make sure that it fits your torso nicely and the sleeves compliment your arms. Billowy folds on your shirt will turn you from classy to shabby. A proper fit is of the utmost importance when it comes to style so your shirt should contour your body but not be skin tight.

A well-fitting shirt will emphasize the positives of your body!

How to iron your shirt: 1. Place the back side of your shirt facing up over the square end of the ironing board (not the narrow end). Spray the shirt with water to moisten the fabric for better ironing results. 2. Afterwards turn the shirt over to the front and place each shoulder seam flat on the board and iron out any wrinkles. 3. Remove the shirt and flip the collar up and lay it down so the back of the collar is facing up. Moisten again and iron, then fold a crease in the collar and iron it in. 4. Lay one sleeve long ways on the ironing board and pull it taut from the cuff with one hand and iron it with the other. Rotate the movement so you don’t iron a crease into it. Then open the cuff and lay it flat so the inside faces up. Repeat the process with the other cuff.

shirt 1 tsp ss 2015

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