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Three Stroke Productions: 25 Anniversary

three stroke productions anniversary

It all began back in December 1997 in a small warehouse in the heart of south east London. It was not, at least at the beginning, a real entrepreneurial project: each of us founders of the brand also had another job and our passion for clothing was still lived from the point of view of personal use rather than from that of design and production.

The inspiring idea was therefore to create the clothes needed by those, like ourselves, that were involved in the British subcultural scene that was made up of rallies, music, pubs, and football, and was characterised by fairly precise and identifying aesthetic codes.

It was in those years that Three Stroke Productions took part as a sponsor in some of the most important scooterboy rallies, first in England (Camber Sand) and then also in France (with our friends at Vulcan Paris).

In addition to polo shirts, gingham shirts, and harrington jackets, some of us also liked to wear kimonos, and not everyone knows that between 1998 and 2002 the “Three Stroke Productions Combat Studio” was active:and one of the first gyms dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and at MMA in London. The project lasted a few years but the passion for combat sports still accompanies the growth of the brand today and will always be an integral part of the Three Stroke Productions DNA

At the beginning of the 2000s our collection focused on sweatshirts and t-shirts and we started to release a massive range of graphic designed inspired tops. To date, there are over 200 graphic projects created with artists from all over the world.

The graphic t-shirt is important because as stated by Dennis Nothdruf, curator of the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, “it represents an extremely simple way to tell the world who and what you are” which we have always liked to do.

Between 1999 and 2000 we moved production from England to Portugal, where we began to develop our first button-down shirt ranges and also to Italy where 60% of our production is still made.

In 2006, the year in which the Three Stroke Productions collection experienced a new and decisive maturation that led us to develop and reinterpret great classics of “outerwear” such as the “bombers”, “field jackets”, “duffels” and “peacoats”. After all, anyone who is dedicated to clothing certainly has a real passion for jackets. We are no exception and in our archive we proudly keep over fifty models of jackets and coats that we have made over the years.

Simultaneously with the growth of the collection, collaborations in the combat sports and music scene continued with events throughout Europe including the very successful Oasis Night in Milan in 2009.

But what mattered most then (as today), were the trips and meetings with partners, collectors, and enthusiasts that allowed us to broaden our horizons and raise our ambitions.

Today more than ever, the philosophy of Three Stroke Productions consists in combining aesthetics and functionality in the name of a solid identity certainly inspired by the scene from which we come, but also by curiosity and constant desire for research and by the values that we try to share through the our work and which led us to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year as an independent brand.

Now in the present day: the times in which we live these years are not easy for anyone and believe us, to carry out an independent project like ours you need experience, adaptability, creativity, but also luck and passion. We have chosen to remain an independent brand because we love to have a direct relationship with all the components of the world in which we deal with every day: from suppliers, to shops, from collaborators, to those who believe in us by choosing to buy our clothing.

We don’t necessarily try to please everyone, but we do our best to never disappoint those who do follow us.

Over the years, the Three Stroke Productions team has partly changed and rejuvenated itself, but our commitment remains the same: through our work we want to contribute to the growth of a “scene” characterised by positive sensations, a sense of belonging and sharing the values of Style, Identity, and Respect

Your Support – Our Strength

7th December 1997//7th December 2022

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