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Subcultures, terraces and cult movies…


The history of subcultures and life on the terraces has been explored in many many movies, but often with outcomes not exactly exciting. Here we’re talking about three cult movies of different eras that have marked an epoch and deserve to be discovered or rediscovered, for those who do not know them.


It was 1973 and The Who composed the rock opera “Quadrophenia”, dedicated to the life of Jimmy, a Mod of the London working class of the 1960s. In 1979, British director Frank Roddam, on his directorial debut, decided to bring the story to the big screen. The story, set in 1964, sees Jimmy as the protagonist, struggling with a boring job, a family that does not understand him and his redemption through the modernist subculture, which has its peak on the weekend in Brighton, where the Mods will clash with rockers. But, at the highest moment of his street life, he will have to suffer the betrayal of his girlfriend, a best friend, and even his idol. All marked by the music of The Who. In the role of Jimmy we have Phil Daniels, while in that of Ace we see Sting, still far from planetary fame. Even today the film is the object of cult by Mods from around the whole world, and the film locations of Brighton are that of pilgrimage.


We move from Mod to punk: in 1986 the director Alex Cox decides to take to the big screen in the movie “Sid and Nancy” the story of The Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. A story of love and death, of music and heroine, which will lead the two protagonists to destruction, after having tasted a glory that, in the case of Sid Vicious, will come posthumously. We are in 1977 and punk has invaded the streets of London: the Queen’s Jubilee is celebrated, but the real Kings of the City are The Sex Pistols. Unfortunately relations within the band are taking a bad turn and Sid and Nancy will take the road to New York, a way that will lead them to the tragic end of their lives. In the role of Sid we have the future Oscar winner Gary Oldman, while that of Nancy is entrusted to Chloe Webb. Kurt Cobain’s future wife Courtney Love and Iggy Pop also appear in the movie. Although the movie deals with The Sex Pistols. Curiously, the music is entrusted to the former member of The Clash Joe Strummer and The Pogues.


We conclude our journey through the world of British terraces and hooliganism with “The Football Factory”, an adaptation of the 1997 novel by John King by director Nick Love. We are in 2004 and the young Tommy Johnson, played by Danny Dyer, spends his days waiting for the weekends, during which he devotes himself completely to his passions: alcohol, sex and, above all, violent raids together with his partners of the Chelsea Headhunters. His life, following a disagreement with fans of Millwall, will suffer unexpected consequences that will lead him to reconsider his existence. But will it be so? The film quickly became a cult object among fans all over Europe, thanks to the maniacal care for clothing and the soundtrack. The epic scene of the clashes between Chelsea and Millwall are also attended by the true Headhunters’ historic leader Stephen Hickmott.


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