Fresh sound and style from Japan: THE SOLUTION ! ! !

Their new video is  out  now  so  we took the opportunity to have a chat with our good friends @ The Solution.  As many of you already know  they come from  Japan and they are one of our favourite new bands at the moment.

The Solution

Hello guys, . you have a new video out now. What would u like to tell us about it?

We just wanted to express what we are as The Solution in 2015 and what we are as lads. Seeing this video, hopefully you get a feel of what rock music is to us. “Trying to achieve what you believe” has been our theme since The Solution was formed. The video was shot at the remains of a place which was built before the world war, that concrete holds and remembers the blood, sweat and tears of the people and workers of them old days. I am very proud of where I come from, me and the band, I love my town. That’s why I chose this location. Hope this video will encourage the same in some of you.






How is the current scene in Japan like?

We have a music TV program like “Top of the Pops” in Japan. Unfortunately, Girls groups are popular at the moment, nice to look at but bloody awful to listen to, but when bands like OASIS and U2 are on the show, they really lift the atmosphere. Music festivals such as Fuji-Rock Festival and Summer Sonic have been successful for years now. I just know that there are real people here longing for real Rock’n Roll.

Your best gig: when, where, why?

We really enjoyed our live performance at the Tokyo Pretty Green store in Aoyama on April 19th last year. As you know, this brand was fronted by Liam Gallagher who I’ve always liked. We did a lot of radio promo stuff in the lead up to it so it was all kinda different and a little special for me to play there. It was an acoustic set and this really reminded me of how much of a buzz I get from singing! I hope we will play there again someday.

Live @Pretty Green

Name your favourite bands!

I was influenced way back by The Jam and Paul Weller, later by Oasis. Currently a favourite of mine would be Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, seen them when they played here in Japan. I really like the’ Streets in the Sky’ album by The Enemy. Other bands that I’m listening to and really liking now are Section 60 and Twisted Wheel……….There are so many good bands in The UK.

Are u happy about your first album? Very happy with the album, it was a long time in the making but this made it all the better as an end result. It was released by Bootstomp Records in Japan in April 2012 and later released in Europe on vinyl by Bords De Seine in France in 2014. I think that as an album it has given people something real to gauge us on and has helped us build good relationships and mutual respect with other bands our good friends at Three Stroke Productions who we are always happy to collaborate with. It has also led to the video for Sound From the Street, so overall yes, very happy with the album.

The Solution: Then Now Always!

Any new recordings in the pipeline?

Yes, working on writing some new stuff at the moment, hoping to start recording again around the end of the year. 


Next dates?

It will be on the Sat. the 29th of August, 2015 at Yanagase Ants in Gifu “Hooligans” .

Are you football fans? which team do u follow?  Yes, definitely!  I am a West Ham fan, haven’t managed to get to Upton Park since 2006, hopefully I can get back there sometime soon.

Best 3 destinations in Japan you d recommend .

Kyoto is a must to get a real taste of the old style and traditional Japan. Mt Fuji the famous mountain and symbol of Japan. You should visit there to see for yourself that it is actually snow-capped almost all year round………………and that we don’t just paint the top white for the photographs. Kanazawa is also a great place to visit, its 2 hours from Tokyo but really nice there and a great place for seafood lovers. And of course, our very own Gifu area. Ukai which is fishing using cormorant birds to catch the fish is one of our local traditions, you could enjoy this from Spring to Autumn. And of course, if you are lucky you might get to see us play a local gig.

Your favourite shop? I shop online recently, but I often go to Pretty Green. I like the atmosphere. I also like CLOSER which is the first Casual Clobber store in Japan. They always have trends from England, and they are one of Casual leaders in Japan.

Thank you for reading this! Looking forward to playing a gig for you in the near future!

Great to talk with u guys and we hope you can play live somewhere in Europe in the near future.


The video  ! ! !

[ig_video el_title=”The SOund from the Street” video_source_link_youtube=”” video_youtube_dimension_width=”500″ video_youtube_dimension_height=”270″ video_youtube_autoplay=”0″ video_youtube_loop=”0″ video_youtube_modestbranding=”1″ video_youtube_rel=”1″ video_youtube_showinfo=”1″ video_youtube_autohide=”2″ video_youtube_cc=”0″ video_alignment=”center” video_margin_top=”10″ video_margin_bottom=”10″ video_sources=”youtube” ][/ig_video]

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