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SS17 t shirts..

One step ahead…..

Winter is now behind us. Beaches and sunbathing are still far off, but as the warmer days approach, yes – it’s time for some graphic design t-shirts.

 As you well know, when it comes to t-shirts we definitely feel like we have the upper hand.

 We continually work with some of the top artists from around the world. With all of the themes designed by them that represent subjects related to the scene in which we live in.

 We avoid the “already seen” designs whilst always trying to add a sense of fun and irony to our themes.

 The market is packed with of t-shirts, so our aim is to be on the ball and improve on our range year after year.

 Our current SS17 collection includes classic subjects such as “My Generation Vol 3” and a new and funny interpretation of a football match as seen from the fans point of view.

 Also there’s the new “Catch Me ” theme. If you can recall Di Caprio’s film Catch Me If You Can, well we’ve drawn inspiration from the film poster and incorporated it into the football terrace.  

 Our stance on modern football is encapsulated in our old flyer style “Tyranny” t-shirt… A best seller already..

 Nihil (Nothing is impossible to the one who wants it) is our constructivism inspired tribute to “willpower”


 “My Mates” is nothing more than a comic strip version of one of our best selling t-shirts ever “My City, My Team, My Mates”.

 “The Boys Are Back In Time” is our latest collaboration with one of the hottest artists around at the moment – A Guy called Minty. With his unique style he portyrays the life of street kids in some tricky designs.

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