Interview with Zac from Skinner Brothers

Skinner Brothers: interview with frontman Zachary Skinner

London based four-piece The Skinner Brothers are definetly one of our favourite bands at moment

Their first live set at the legendary 100 club last month  was a huge success, as well as their gig supporting Mike Skinner’s “The Streets”

They’re about to join Kasabian as the main support on their UK tour starting in October, so they’re definitely taking things to the next level

It looks as though we share a few things with the band’s frontman and songwriter Zac: Music, football, subculture, clobber..

Here at Three Stroke Productions we couldn’t stop listening to their latest EP “Culture Non Stop” so we decided to get in touch with him to ask a few things about himself and the band

We’re sure our followers will enjoy this piece..

First of all, could you tell our followers something about the history of your band?
I moved to London in 2011. From then i’ve tried to and failed many times to get a band together. Its taken 10 years but now it seems like we’re getting there. Fingers crossed.
Our current  Line up is:
Zachary Skinner
Perry Meadowcroft
Joe Fisher
Alfie Clayton
Where does your name originates from?
My surname is Skinner. I’d always get bored of band names and change them, but this one im stuck with.
How would you describe or define your style of music?
I try to get the music as honest as possible. Its always a battle but i think its pretty close at the moment. Its rock music, UK rock music.
Can you tell us how your sound changed/evolved from your early days until  Culture Non Stop?
Early days i’d be trying any genre to make it work. Now i’m more consistent with the genre. Its been hard to accept over time that i can’t do every genre. I really like fuckin’ spanish music but theres no point me trying to make it haha.
Which bands and music styles influenced you?
Loads man. Lot of Jazz, the Jam, Zappa, lot of punk. Recently ill listen to grime music mainly.

We know you have tonns of (still) unreleased songs,. Can we expect new releases soon?

Ah! should have a single out October/November and an album January.

What is your favourite song so far? the one you enjoy most playing live

Man i just like playing the newest song. Mountain High goes off live always.
You seems to enjoy a lot playing live and you  recently played the legendary London 100 Club. Can you tell us something about that night?
Lagers flying, the people were animals. They say the crowds up north are the ones – im yet to see it.

We love all your recent works and we understand you got some great feedback from fans.

there’s a really good community at our shows. I try and spend as much time as I can chatting to fans after shows and on social media too.
Watching your music videos and listening to your songs we can see “Terrace Culture” plays a big  role in your style . Which team do you support?
I worked in New Cross for years, so i’ll go Millwall. Took a lot of inspiration for songs over that time.
Do u  follow your team home and away?
Nah man honestly i don’t. Find time hard to find at the moment.
Why are you so fascinated by this scene?
Love the camaraderie, love the clothes, love the day.
Which are your favourite brands and why?
Loving your brand fellas (Three Stroke Productions) . Other than that i’ll wear some of the Soul Boy stuff that i make.
Do you like living in London? Which are the areas of the City you prefer and why? Best pubs/venues?
I live in Brentford. Favourite pub – Five Bells New Cross.

Future projects: live sets, albums, dates abroad?

Album in January! Tour with Kasabian and then 100 Club round 2.
Thanks Zac!
(Btw,   all of Skinner Brothers October/November  dates are already sold out)

Listen to Iconic here 

Listen to Culture Non-Stop here

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