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The story behind the evolution of jackets, from their use as workwear in the military, hunting activities and leisure is a big one and here we’re going to tell you another story: the one about the evolution of our brand through the design and the production of OUR jackets. A twenty year long journey between tradition and innovation from our Harrington Jacket to the AW21 edition of our Njord Jacket.
Born in South East London
The brand was born in 1997 in a purely subcultural environment where clothing was seen and experienced from a consumer perspective. Not being professionals of the clothing industry but rather collectors at the beginning, we were interested in clothes made to meet the needs of those willing to participate and live the “scene” as protagonists In addition to being useful or aesthetically attractive, in the subcultures, clothes are real uniforms and we have always been fascinated by this factor.

The Harrington Jacket

In 1999 Three Stroke Productions released what, over the years, had become a true icon of the of the subcultural scene: the “Harrington Jacket”. A classic piece of clothing loved by mods and skinheads and that was later adopted by football lads across Europe. Our first Harringtons came from just around the corner, that was a warehouse in WhiteChapel, east London but soon we moved the production to Portugal In reality, nothing was invented: the Harringtons were and still are being made by several brands and according to a classic pattern with no room for stylistic digressions.

So that Harrington jacket was therefore only “our” Harrington jacket and we did it for a precise choice of identification in a sub-cultural trend that needed that piece of clothing.

The Harrington was made from a polycotton fabric and finished with the traditional tartan fabric lining. The customized metal zip puller added an extra touch to the first Three Stroke Productions designer jacket. A few years later, when the production of outerwear was moved to Italy, our Harringtons would be made available in many more variations, both cottony and nylon, both plain and checked, both lined and unlined.

The Grant Jacket

With the “Grant”, a real hooded bomber jacket, the brand began to develop its identity by launching in 2006 a new simple, essential and highly functional garment. At that time Three Stroke Productions was mainly known for the sweatshirts and it was just time to strengthen the range of outerwear with something that would protect from rain and wind (as main requirment for garments designed also for football lads), was durable and snag resistant and on the other hand, did not exceed in price. Initially equipped with a quilt lining and later made with a faux fur lining, the Grant jacket was included in our collections for several seasons in various colors. With the same thick and rough polyester fabric used for the Grant we also made the less known “Racing Jacket”: it was our tribute to engines in general and scooters in particular. This jacket was used by the famous mod band Purple Hearts frontman.

More Subculture...

Following our involvement in the subcultural scene along with our growing expertise, between 2007 and 2009 we designed a consistent range of jackets where the influence of the “scooterist” style was complimented by a selection of high quality next generation fabrics. It’s the case of our “Speedo” and “Racer” jackets to name a couple of them. Our first leather jacket called “Ferryman” was launched during AW2008.

It was made from genuine cow leather and featured a traditional tartan lining. Our resin coated canvas jacket “Dean” is also dated AW2008. The Dean jacket definetly shows a genuine casual look and was highly appreciated by football lads across Europe.

During those years the Three Stroke Productions collections experienced a strong growth in the choice and in the treatment of the fabrics and in the care for the details while managing to keep alive the flavour of it’s early days.

Peacots and Duffels

Around 2009 thanks to an Italian firm specializing in coats, we began to experiment with new wool fabrics. At that time we were attracted by the woolen cloth used for the heavy coats made for the Navy so we released our version of historical garments such as a duffel with a detachable quilted vest called “Crown and Anchor”, a classic peacoat named “Seaman” and the “Derby”, a very stylish checked jacket.

Even if we, managers of the brand were supposed to be the first consumers of the goods we produced, we could only host a limited number of Three Stroke Productions pieces of clothing in our wardrobes. No doubt one of them is the Derby jacket: due to it’s perfect fit, and overall quality and look we re still in love with that jacket which is often proudly worn by members of our crew even after more than 10 years. The feeling of owning and using with full satisfaction a ten or more years old jacket is uncomparable and that is exactly one of the main features we aspire the garments we make to show.

Peacots and Duffels

Crown and Anchor combo

With the Crown and Anchor combo we managed to deliver a high degree of functionality: the detachable quilted vest increased cold resistance and could also be used on it’s own as a stylish body warmer during the transitional season. Working with woollen fabrics is not easy: expertise and passion are needed, which we were able to find in the Veneto based workshop that produced our beautiful coats in that period. Visiting on a regular basis a high-level workshop gave us the opportunity to acquire knowledge of working processes and materials. Only in this way could our following projects take shape.

The Field Jacket

The years across 2010 were exceptionally fruitful and on top of our woolen range of coats we began to develop our versions of the iconic Field Jacket, the classic four-pocket jacket which we made in different variations.

The Field Jacket was the perfect all around jacket: a garment rich in tradition but worn by both adults and younger lads. Our favorite one was called “Sidecar” jacket and was made from cloth with corduroy inserts. The “Sidecar” jacket was followed by several variations including the “Elvis” that was made from waterproof polyester.

Garment Dyeing

In 2016 we started testing garment dyed processes which led us to create beautiful summer versions of our Field Jacket.

The garment dyeng technique led us to develop a wide range of combat shorts and overshirts that definetly represent our trademark for the Summer collections. But this is another story.. One of our camo field jackets was worn by Twisted Wheel frontman Jonny Brown during the Liam Gallagher European Tour in early 2020.

The Uniform

One of the main features of our collections is that we have a number of carry over garments which we update evey year. One of them is the Uniform light weigth jacket. A short zippered jacket made by coupling two different fabrics. Usually a polyurethane fleece shell for wind and water resistance complimented by a cotton flannel or cotton jersey lining according to the Winter or Summer use needs. The beauty of this essential piece of clothing stands on the actual look and quality of it’s shell that make the Uniform stand out. All our Uniform jackets are made in Italy The SS21 edition was made by a 100% cotton pique fabric shell with grey marl linin and featured a lion print on the inside lining with the Latin slogan Res no Verba (acts and not words).
Exploring new territories

The Fortis Jacket

Market changes suggested us to move part of our production from Italy to Romania or Asia and in 2015 we released our first “Fortis” parka: this carry over piece of clothing still represents our most important jacket and embodies features of elegance and functionality. The name Fortis originates from a Latin word meaning strong, powerful and brave which were some of the most important virtues for the Ancient Romans and that represents our aspiration to face our work and our life with enthusiasm and determination. No better name was to be found for what would be become our most popular jacket. Year by year we kept releasing new updated versions of our Fortis parka by changing the base fabric and adding new details. Made from a water proof high-performance polyester fabric the Fortis parka proved to be an excellent all rounder jacket: smart, comfy, resistant could be worn just easily at football or in a formal occasion. Seven pockets provide all the space needed for keys, phone etc with the inside waist adjuster allowing you to achieve the perfect look while hidden rib cuffs grant protection from wind without compromising on the elegant finish of the sleeves.

Parka Mania

The word ‘Parka’ originates from the Arctic regions and means “animal skin”. Parka coats were originally made from seal skin by Inuit indigenous to protect themselves from the extreme climates. Due to it’s functionality (roomy proportions and pockets) they were largely used by soldiers during WW2 and after the end of the war parkas were adopted by subculture scenes first (Mods) and mainstream fashion after to become a must in all “casual inspired” collection. At Three Stroke Productions we made no expection and developed our own range of parkas adapting the fit by reducing the proportions and selecting fabrics that could make a difference with competitors. After the introduction of our “Fortis”, in 2016 we launched the “Baldur” which was a resin camo parka with faux fur lining. The Baldur was followed by the Njord: a water proof garment constructed with a fairly thick rubber fabric that made this stylish parka jacket very solid. The beautiful mustard herringbone inner lining added style and light to the Njord.

Special effects

The Frederick jacket that we launched in 2017 was made from a special plated nylon. The 2 layers of colours (orange and brown) mixed bewtween themselves delivering a stunning iridescent effect. A quilted lining provided the warm and comfortable sensation needed in the Winter season.

The Fortis London Project

Following the positive feedback from the Fortis parka it was decided that “Fortis” could also be the signature on some of our jackets, especially those showing an high degree of innovation and experimentation The anorack “031”, was released in the summer of 2020, during the pandemic and it was made from a twotone dyed ripstop cotton. Military-inspired but designed for urban use, this Made in Italy jacket featured the Fortis “two crossed swords” logo embroidery. In AW 20 with the Armor we re-proposed our 2008 leather jacket and this time we opted for sheepskin for a smoother effect. The Armor featured an inner lining in tartan reminiscent of the harington jackets times and beloved by fans the british clothing.


Originally introduced in AW2019, the Frontier is a 2 in 1 jacket consisting in a softshell that becomes a colourful puffer.

It features five front heat sealed zipper pockets plus two zipper pockets on the puffer side.

The new Njord

Njord was the god of wind, seafarers, coasts and inland waters. He was also associated with crop fertility, fishing and wealth. He was invoked by the Vikings before setting out on sea voyages, but also hunting and fishing expeditions.

We ve always had a weak for mithology and we often name our garments after deities.

Protection from wind and rains is the main feature of this jacket so we assumed Njord would fit perfectly as a name.

Highlight of our AW2021 collection is then the new edition of the Njord jacket, which is a rubberized raincoat with a silver-colored quilt and enriched by a balaclava finished by a “two swords” fortis print on both sides, in the inside pocket. Compared to the first version it is softer but it is padded therefore more comfortable and warm.

Basically we make clothes that we love: from our reinterpretation of iconic coats to the design of new models that are the result of a gradual acquirement of experience and knowledge.


mix tradition with innovation

Along the years we have experimented a lot and made many mistakes, we have talked with specialists in the industry to whom we have entrusted our designs and our projects, we have collaborated with independent designers as a requirement for confrontation and exchange at 360 degrees.

In the philosophy of the brand there is a continuous search to combine what we like with what our audience needs. All this comes thanks to the consolidation of working relationships with some of the best suppliers in this industry. We believe in them as they believe in us in order to create jackets that give full satisfaction to the those that wear them.

These are times in which functionality and essentiality are the main features but always within an aesthetic code that knows how to mix tradition with innovation as we have always done and as always we will and a desire to stand.

Three-Stroke Productions
Distinctive Clothing Since 1997


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