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Our “Combat” cargo shorts are now available

Hello guys, we’re just getting through this unprecedented Spring 2020 season, and yes, these past two months under lockdown have transported us from cold to hot weather in the blink of an eye, resulting with a sudden change in our clothing needs.
So say goodbye to the jackets and jumpers and welcome in our summer essentials.
Cargo shorts are the summer-utility-classic of modern times, and it seems like they are going to continue to be a staple on clothes racks for the time being.

Our 039 “Combat” cargo shorts are inspired by those worn by soldiers of the North African battles during WW2.

To make our Combat shorts we use a fabric called “Moleskin” which is an heavy cotton fabric that was traditionally manufactured in Lancashire and became popular for labourers and agricultural workers due to it’s comfort and durability. Moleskin was eventually adopted by the landed gentry for hunting and shooting gear on account of its wind resistant qualities.

In more recent times, West German army uniforms from the ’60s until the early ’90s were made of moleskin fabric. Due to its versatility this fabric was eventually embraced by the clothing industry with countless versions of German army inspired jackets and trousers.

Combat shorts hit the fashion scene in the mid ’90s after becoming a favourite within the hip-hop and skater scene, then rapidly incorporated by other street subcultures before becoming the staple for most casual wear brands.

We added our version “Combat ” shorts to the collection back in ’05 with our first batch of “camo” shorts made in Portugal.

Over the years we adjusted the fit, selected new fabrics, tested new dying techniques, all of which proudly brings us to our current display today: a stunning piece of clothing originally designed for tough outdoor activities, and perfect for your stylish summer outfit.

039 “Combat” cargo shorts:  Engineered to perform and made to impress




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