Norman overshirt Three Stroke Productions

Daniele Sferlazzo introducing the new Norman overshirt by Three Stroke Productions

Daniele Sferlazzo and the Norman overshirt by Fortis

The collaboration with Three Stroke Productions has been going on for a year now. How’s the Fortis project going? Any previews for the next releases?

Let’s just say that despite the very difficult period in which we live at the moment, we are doing well ..

The project is progressing, and we just managed to pull the patchwork overshirt out of the hat, which makes me very proud. In addition to the final result, which is objectively “beautiful” to look at and to wear, we are also happy to have created a garment that is eco-friendly and entirely made in Italy from recovered recycled fabrics.

As far as our future plans are concerned, I can only say that the next AW21/22 collection of Three Stroke Productions will include the first winter garment designed by me: which will be called the “Njord”

“Njord” was the Viking god of wind that affected seafarers, coasts, and inland waters).. As you can probably understand from the name, our Njord jacket has something to do with tough weather conditions..

A few preview images will be disclosed soon in the special “History of Three Stroke Productions Jackets” that the brand is currently working on.

The Njord jacket has already been received very well by friends, colleagues, and shop owners. You’ll definitely be hearing about it, and in any case will hardly go unnoticed … daniele sferlazzo wearing the Norman overshirts by Fortis/Three Stroke Productions What else do you do apart from designing jackets for Three Stroke Productions’ fortis range? At the end of September 2020, after various delays, beyond our control (the pandemic), I finally managed to launch my webshop, @ holy.garms, which I run together with my business partner Alberto. It is an online store where we sell vintage clothing, which we personally source, with our passion and personal tastes.

It’s a job that requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and time, so from October I decided to leave my previous job to dedicate myself 100% to holygarms and fortis ..

I love my job, and I happen to work more hours than I sleep, but as they say, make your passion your job and you will never work a day of your life! How has the way of working changed in the last year? The way of working has changed drastically, from all points of view .. From designing, choosing materials, discussing wearability, working on prototypes … A routine that is very difficult to carry out remotely and without the possibility to meet face-to-face with some of our collaborators.

Unfortunately , hours and hours of messages, video calls, emails, photo exchanges, which would be turned into a pleasant half-hour chat over a beer, represent the current way of working and we have to say that even our work suffers from a lack of human contact, healthy confrontation, etc. During a live meeting exchange of ideas, things are more fluid, more authentic, more natural .. not to mention the relationship with customers ..

We only hope to be able to return to normality soon, to be able to meet people in person and not just through a screen ..

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