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The Njord jacket (2016/2021)

Njord by Three Stroke Productions

Njord was the name of a jacket we launched in 2016: it was made from a fairly thick rubber fabric which made this jacket a very solid and and the same stylish piece of clothing. The beautiful mustard herringbone inner lining added style and light to the Njord. Njord was the god of the wind, seafarers, coasts and inland waters. He was invoked by the Vikings before embarking on sea voyages, but also hunting and fishing trips. Wind and rain protection was the main feature of this jacket, so we thought Njord would fit perfectly as a name.

After a few years we decided it was time to brush up on our old Njord, so we teamed up again  with our good friend Daniele Sferlazzo to design a new updated version of this jacket. 

Daniele Sferlazzo


Compared to the first version, the new Njord is made with a similar but softer rubberized fabric and is padded inside making it more comfortable to wear and increasing protection from the cold. The silver-coloured padding adds light and appeal to the Njord while the balaclava you’ll find in one of the inside pockets is an unexpected extra touch of class




Thanks Ian, Alain, Teo and Jonas for some great images from Italy, Sweden and Northern Ireland. Cheers guys !!



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