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news from Down Under : The Casual End ..

A couple of weeks ago, our pals at The Casual End , Melbourne launched their website.

We took the occasion to have a quick with them so they can introduce their project to our readers


Would you introduce yourselves and your project to our readers?

The Casual End is a group of friends from Melbourne who share the same passion.

Our idea was to become the first store to introduce some of the most iconic casual brands to Australia.  With the casual movement increasing in recent years down here we want to create not only a store but a culture for fellow like-minded people.

This was the inspiration for our name, after a some drinks and a lot of pizza meetings Sammy and I agreed on The Casual End.

We grew slowly and brought on a couple friends to join in the project: this eventually started as The Casual End as the first online shop retailing Three Stroke Productions and Peceful Hooligan in Australia.

Most of the brands we can see in Europe are not here yet here, hence why we thought this could be a good opportunity for us to serve the hidden demand for these products, which lies among some passionate casual-wear lovers and supporter groups.




How is the “casual scene” in your country like?

It may not be as big as in Europe but it’s definitely alive. Australia is a very proud and passionate sporting nation and this transcends into football supporters here.

The traditional groups of supporters are linked to the old NSL clubs founded by the European immigrants during the 50s.

With the inception of the A-League in 2005, most of the people who once used to follow and support their community club, re-organised themselves to back the new franchises established from scratch and representing cities rather than ethnic groups. Melbourne and Sydney, being the two biggest cities, also have most of the supporters split between Melbourne Victory & Melbourne City on one end and Sydney FC & Western Sydney Wanderers on the other. Adelaide and Perth follow with the only two former NSL clubs which continued to live in the A-League: Adelaide United and Perth Glory.

Despite the A-League, there are still plenty of supporters that sticked with their traditional community clubs, nurturing the passion for them regardless of the League.


Does the European background of most Aussies have an influence on your local scene?

Definitely. Australians with European background are the ones who show more interest in the casual subculture and that keep it alive.

In particular among the different ethnic groups, the Croatians are the more active showing deep passion for their roots along with the Greeks, Italians, Macedonians etc.



What are your plans for the near future?

Increasing exposure of the casual scene here, adding more brands to our exclusive portfolio and expand our collection with more items.

Sales are going well and soon we will need to look at what to bring down to keep up with the demand.

Eventually we want to open our first TCE store in Melbourne and look at pushing our brands into retailers.

We re sure our friends are going to do well and should you wish to know more about them check out their website and follow them on instagram and facebook

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