My City – My Team – My Mates

My City My team My Mates

It’s about friendship, the pride for our home town. The home and away football matches. The pre and post match tension, followed by the pub. It’s not really the players that matter it’s the colours of our team’s kit.


Back in 2012 we launched the slogan “My City, My Team, My Mates” which immediately looked great on a t shirt.


In 2013   we decided to confirm this concept adding a classic laurel wreath…

.. T shirts were available in all the most popular teams’ colours combinations..

And  the “My City -My Team- My Mates” theme   looked great on a hoodie aswell..

..And  proved to be popular across Europe so we decided to include it in all our t shirts collections..


Popular with fans..


..And with famous lads like Jonny Brown -Twisted Wheel front man.


In Summer 2017 we opted for a new version of this t shirt design: comic stripe style !

The limited edition t shirt with the Hungary flags colours was made for our pals at Casual Store Budapest.

Spring Summer 2018: this year we restyled the “laurel wreath” version opting for a new, refined mood: thinner laurel wreath in silver colour and no team’s colours combinations.



The “My City-My Team-My Mates” t shirt, (2018 edition) is available now :

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