Does the name Mentalita' Ultras ring a bell?

In the mid-1990s, flags, stickers, T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring the Cheeky Boy appeared on the streets and in stadiums across Italy, with slogans such as “Support your local team”, “From father to son” and others that are still used today.

The Cheeky Boy was the logo of Mentalità Ultras, an independent brand that operated from 1995 to 2010.

The revolution/involution of ‘social networks’ (depending on your point of view) was still a long way off, and the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of fashions and trends were ‘analogue’ and, as we say today, strictly ‘in presence’. It was a physical thing!

Concerts, fanzines and stadiums were the places where the message was spread, emotions were aroused and styles were created.

The Mentalità Ultras clothing began to circulate thanks to a very innovative marketing operation within the “scene”, which was noted by the people at Match Music Channel (before it was taken over by Tele+, which was then bought by Sky TV, but that’s another story..).

They produced some reportages on the diffusion of the Mentalità Ultras brand within the football subcultural scene.

The Cheeky Boy became an iconic image and was adopted on stands all over Europe. From Russia to Spain, from Germany to France…

From limited edition T-shirts and sweatshirts, Ultras Mentality became a sought-after brand among football fans, but not only: influential clothing stores were fascinated by this anomalous and independent project and decided to adopt it.

The slogans of Mentalità Ultras managed to overcome the divisions between supporters of different football teams by conveying a strong message transcending the ‘match’ factor, albeit an important one.

As the years went by and the internet exploded, the new generations no longer felt the need to join others with similar tastes and express themselves in the streets as strongly as in the previous two decades.

Other styles, other fashions took over (and that is also another story). Mentalità Ultras continued on their path without ever changing their DNA, only to decide to cease existing in 2010.

Just a few years after the birth of Mentalità Ultras, another brand born in England within the subcultural scene, Three Stroke Productions, began to spread throughout Europe, developing a clothing collection of jackets, sweatshirts, trousers and accessories, while at the same time conveying messages related to its inspirational themes of subculture, music and combat sports through the creation of countless authentic graphics.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Mentalità Ultras, Three Stroke Productions has dug into its archives to create a celebratory ‘capsule’, rediscovering the graphics and designs that made the yellow and black Cheeky Boy brand famous.

No intention of standing in the way of time: times have changed, styles have changed, and so have youth trends.
For the better? For the worse? That’s not for us to say.
With the TSP/MU ARCHIVE capsule, we want to rediscover the values, colours and sensations of a mentality that was widespread among certain segments of the youth of the 1990s and early 2000s and that, in one way or another, reappears from time to time, refusing to conform to the stylistic and commercial dictates of the prevailing mainstream.

Exploration, encounters and passions lived with coherence: this is the Mentality Ultras and this is what we want to celebrate with you through this special collaboration.

When will it be? Very soon!

And the incredible exclusive images from those broadcasts, showing the lifestyle of the fans of that time, will be made public again in the near future.

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