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Masaya Doi, MMA, JAPAN

Masaya Doi is an MMA professional figher from Japan.
He spent a few years in London in the early 2000’s where he met our pals at the Three Stroke Combat Studio. Since when he moved back to Japan we decided to keep in touch with him and this is his  second interview for The Collective.
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Hi Masaya, can u please tell us something about your latest fights/contests? I fought an English fighter Ashleigh Grimshaw on a show in India last September,who i lost to.No excuses,he was the better fighter that night.How has the Japanese mma scene evolved and what do you think about the current scene?In recent years many Japanese mma champions of smaller organizations have signed with major mma organizations abroad such as UFC,Bellator MMA,WSOF,MFC,ONE FC and so on after the desolution of giant Japanese organizations such as PRIDE,DREAM and SENGOKU.As a Japanese national,it was sad to see those domestic giants disappear but now I am more excited to be able to see those fighters compete in the highest level internationally.You spent some time in london years ago…is there anything you want to tell us about that period?Those were and will continue to be one of the best years of my life.I made a lot of friends at work,MMA/BJJ gyms,and flats i lived in.Thanks to the internet I am still in touch with some of them.
I changed flats 8 times while living in London,which i shared with people from every country.Most of them I got along with while in other situations i felt i got to move on elsewhere.Looking back,they all are good memories though.
Plans for the coming months?

I am not a spring chicken anymore but i feel that i still have couple of fights yet to be done before Im done.
Towards the summer i love to explore nature,a lot of mountains and streams in Japan.
I also have a plan to travel to Peru and Columbia later this year.Its gonna truly be a ‘mind-blowing’experience…I just cant wait!

Cheers Masaya  !!
Are you fluent in Japanese and want o know more about Masaya Doi?
Follow his blog !!!Find out more about Masaya on his first interview for The Collective

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