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Jonny Brown/Twisted Wheel


Over more than two decades of activities, we have managed to take part in countless music related events, and have made lots of friends within the scene.
Today we are proud to post this interview from Jonny Brown , “Twisted Wheel” frontman, originally made for our pals at Profilo Basso fanzine, which is included in their latest issue.
We're long term Twisted Wheel fans and first interviewed Jonny back 2014, so we are delighted to see that after their European Tour in February supporting Liam Gallagher, they are back with a bang with their latest CD which is great. It's called “Satisfying the Ritual”.
So thanks to Jonny and Demis (Profilo Basso) for this pleasant chat
Rock on !!
Hi Jonny , tell us about yourself and the story of the Twisted Wheel.
I started the band in 2007/8 after being the guitarist of a band called The Children gigging around Manchester I wanted to sing and front a band rather than just write songs and play guitar so I started messing about practicing with a drummer and a bassist. Six months later we were being approached by many company’s in the music industry and not long after we had five different major record contracts offered to us. We soon signed with Columbia Sony records and after a few tours supporting other artists we flew out to Los Angeles and recorded our debut album Twisted Wheel. We came back to the UK and then went on tour with Oasis. It was quite a crazy time really considering I’d grown up on oasis and they had been major figures in sculpting our music and my song writing. Due to band members changing and wanting different things we split up 2010. I got the band back together with new members not long after and in 2013 we released the second album ‘Do it again’ but the party life style was starting to take its toll on me personally and the band soon split up again and I endured years of drug addiction and ended up living homeless playing no music and selling all my equipment and guitars. It was a sad time and I wish never to go back to the life style again. In 2018 I got the band back together with a completely new line up as a four piece. We recorded a come back EP called ‘Jonny guitar’ which got number 1 in the UK physical charts and we were soon back with sold out tours, major festivals and gigs supporting Liam Gallagher at Finsbury Park, old Trafford cricket ground. At the beginning of 2020 we went off on tour with Liam around Europe proving the band are well and truly working and back. We got home and my third album ‘Satisfying the ritual’ came out hitting top ten in the UK physical charts and 26 in the official UK album chart. The band is back bigger and better than ever and when the lock down is lifted be sure to be hearing more about Twisted Wheel.
What is your songwriting process and does songwriting come easily to you?

I don’t have just one process I use many different methods but the main way I will come up with a chord progression on the guitar and get something I’m happy with then I will start working on vocal melodies. Once I’m happy with how it’s going I will start thinking about lyrics. Now lyrics I could of wrote at any point when I’ve been in the mood so sometimes I already have a kind of poem that fits my guitar chords and the song will just fit together. Other times I’ve had sit around and really think what will work.
Unfortunately, the band broke up on July 2014. What convinced you to come back active? I spoke to Liam Gallagher and he said i should get working at the band again so that mixed with boredom lead me to starting the band back up.
Satisfying the Ritual by Twisted Wheel
“Satisfying the ritual” it’s really a great album. Are you completely satisfied?
Thank you. Yeah I’d say so. There’s always things I sit and think we could of done different or better but it is what it is! I’d say the album satisfy’s me yes.

Jonny Brown Twisted Wheel wearing a Three Stroke Productions field jacket during the Liam Gallagher European Tour in 2020
What was it like to open Liam Gallagher’s live? Tell us about some particular episode…
It’s always one big buzz supporting Liam. Like I said before he’s been a big inspiration of mine for a long time so to be working with him is still surreal. I remember one time we were supporting Paul Weller at Silver stone race track and Liam came along with Gem from Oasis. I ended up getting onstage with Paul Weller and singing that’s entertainment then we all got seriously drunk back stage. I’m sure I had Liam on my back running around the backstage like horse and jokey falling over and stuff and we had a great night until Gem fell out with his wife and they had to go home.
Further plans for the next future? We believe that give the covid19 situation everything will quiver for a while…
I plan on recording an acoustic album very soon. It will kind of be a best of Twisted Wheel but just me and a guitar. I’m not sure how long it will be until we can have gigs again but we have Manchester booked for November so we will see what happens. Whatever happens I will be focusing on the acoustic album and writing album number 4.
Any up and coming band we should keep an eye on?
Sounds like a storm are cool
What was the first record that turned you on to music?
In through the outdoor by led zeppelin was the first album I remember playing when i was about 6/7. What’s the story morning glory was the album that set me off making music and wanting to write.
Jonny Brown wearing a yellow three stroke productions during the Liam Gallagher Tour in 2020
Jonny Brown @assago forum Milan Feb 20
Do you follow football? What team do you support?
Yes I do. Manchester United.
We saw some great photos by Virgin Radio phorographer Henry Ruggery in Three Stroke Productions clothes: are you into casual clothing? what are your favourite pieces of clothing?
Yes I really rate Henry. I love casual clothing. My favourite trainers are my Adidas Sl80, I like my Levi jeans, i think I have to many to chose favourites but my Steve McQueen Barbour coat is cool. Liam used to get me loads of pretty green I like their stuff. I’ve recently been looking at Stone Island coats for after summer but I’m very particular with their stuff. When I find one I like I love them though. I also the rate three stroke productions gear and have quite a few pieces now.
What do you think of keeping the championships behind closed doors?
I mean it’s a strange one. For the people who love football it would be good to have something to follow but I think the vibe will really kill what it’s all about for me.
Thanks Jonny !!
Twisted Wheel flyers courtesy of henry Ruggeri
Cds and merch here 
Thanks Henry Ruggeri (Virgin Radio photographer) for a great set of photos !!

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