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Three Stroke Productions talk to James Webb (MMA)

James Webb is a MMA fighter from Colchester. He made his debut with Cage Warriors Fighting Championship on 2 June at Indigo at The O2 (London)  against Miro Jurkovic.

We interviewed James a couple of years ago so we thought it was about time we had another chat with him..


Hi James, you recently made your debut with Cage Warriors Fighting Championship.

What are your impressions about it?

Yes I made my Cage Warriors debut back in early June. Absolutely loved it, everything about it from the weigh ins to the final production. It was amazing.

Tell us something about your style: What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight? 

My fighting style was something we didn’t get to see unfortunately in this fight. But you will, I’m aiming to go again in September with Cage Warriors again in London. So I guarantee and promise every one there supporting me you will see that style. I like to use my right hand a lot to back people up, then what I should of done was got the take down and worked for a choke. My favourite choke is the darce choke. I got it in my pro debut.

Which team are you training with and how ?

 I’m training and fighting out of SBG Swords now which is based in Ireland. I’ve been with these guys over a year now and I have to say apart from a little setback the other day, everything has gone to plan. Just been taking everyone out which is a massive credit to my mma coach Chris Fields.  I still train when I’m home but I’m mainly working on my BJJ and Wrestling. That’s with ZR team Essex under my head bjj coach Alain Pozo. It’s a team that I grew with from day one and it’s still the same old faces week in week out. I really am very fortunate to be where I am and with who I am.

What else do you do a part from training?

What else am I doing? Eating haha. I love food and I’m partial to a few drinks. I just have one passion and that’s fighting, I do everything I can to better myself as a fighter. Train different disciplines and work my s&c. I don’t really care to much about anything else tho, I’m not to fussed about what’s happening in other sports. I just want to fight and continue learning throughout my career and journey.

Are you into football ? what’s your favourite football team?

 I’m not that into football, again.. I’d watch England play with my friends but as far as clubs go I’m not that fussed.

Plans for the coming months?

For the coming up months I need to get redemption in my loss. So I want to go again in September, I have few little injuries I need to heal first but they will recover and I’ll come back even better and stronger in 2017.. wait and see ??

I just want to give a shout out to some guys who helped me prepare for Cage Warriors, thanks to all at SBG and Zr Team. Thank you to the ISI for all the s&c and tips on my recovery. Thanks to Brian Lee at Chopped for helping me eat whilst away and to Glenn Cowen at GRC. Glenn helped me massively with my medical bills to fight on this show and I’m forever grateful. It’s not over with. Win or learn.
Lastly thank you Chris Fields Alain Pozo and Tom King for everything and to Martin Hastings for managing my life. So I can train fight and work my way to the top! Thank you to Three Stroke Productions for the nice new clothes and this interview. Let’s do this again in a year and see the difference.
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