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Jonny Brown is a Manchester lad and front man for the band Twisted Wheel, the Manchester band that supported many great bands from Oasis to The Enemy and brought us so great songs like ‘Lucy in the Castle’ and ‘Bouncing Bomb’.

Tha Terraces have supported Jonny and Twisted Wheel, have featured the band on Tha Terraces podcast and can’t wait to see if Jonny will be giving us some solo work in the near future.

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TSP: You look very busy with your current UK tour. What are your impressions from these latest dates?

JB: Yes, I have booked a small UK tour leading through to the New Year where I will be playing the Twisted Wheel back catalogue as well as a few new songs before I go to record all new material. This could possibly be the last time for people to hear those old Wheel songs live for quite a long time. Tour has been going great and the crowds have been diverse and energetic. It’s great being on my own because you can actually hear the whole crowd sing back every word to every song. It’s also satisfying to get the whole room buzzing with just an acoustic guitar. The Manchester gig was amazing, but even the smaller venues such as The Victoria in Derby have had a great crowd and  atmosphere. I only have four gigs left this side of Christmas, Scunthorpe, Stoke, Sheffield and Barnsley then its a few weeks chilling out and trying to get fit again.


TSP: Further plans for the next future? New songs? New album?

JB: I am currently writing a new Solo/TW album and continuing with a new Electro project called Unknown Cargo ( more news on this in the New Year).Along with a new album which I can’t say too much about at this moment in time, I have almost finished an electro/techno/hip hop album which includes remixes of ‘She’s A Weapon’ and ‘I want to be adored’ by The Stone Roses (subject to approval). There isn’t yet a plan for this to be released but keep your ear and eyes open because this stuff is banging and you could say it’s in its complete own genre of music. Exciting times a head in many aspects.

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TSP: Any up and coming band we should keep an eye on?

JB: The Backhanders, Manchester. Great songwriter Stephen Chadwick fronts them and they take influences from The Clash to the Stone Roses to Bob Dylan. They have got the groove and some top quality lyrics. No nonsense going on with these boys. Also The Northstand are very new and have some substance!


TSP: Are you into football? What’s your team?

JB: I really do love football, but I admit having some time away from the game between 2009 and 2012 due to music taking over and other issues that got in the way. My team is Manchester United from the day I was old enough to watch the game although I have a soft spot for Oldham having lived there for all these years.

TSP: Your favourite 5 LPs?

JB: David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust.

Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home and Freewheelin.

Happy Mondays – Bumned.

Inflamable Material by Stiff Little Fingers.

Songs of Love and Hate – Leonard Cohen.

However this list will probably have changed by next week.

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TSP: What are your favourite clothes shop and favourite brands?

JB: I really like Levis, Edwin, Barbour, Ralph Lauren, Filson, Folk, Three Stroke Productions of course, Fred Perry, Pretty Green, and loads of others. My favourite shop is probably Oi Poloi in MCR or random retro/charity shops where you can find one offs!



TSP: Thanks Jonny, if there’s something you’d like to add, feel free to…

JB: I was going to use this question for a rant. I would like to talk about Mobile Phones etc at gigs. I think it’s a sad estate of affairs when people go to gigs and have to film most of it on their phones. It’s like they can’t watch a show and enjoy it and instead have to make a shitty little videos with rubbish sound quality. I don’t know if they realise how ridiculous it looks when you watch a gig on TV, say at a festival and it pans the crowd and most of them are filming it on their phones. It’s so upsetting and annoying and it’s blocking them from the musical experience the band is giving. Leave it to the camera men to do that and you just go and enjoy the show.

And thanks Three Stroke Productions for clothing and holdall! Cheers!



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