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Not the first time we have a chat with Jolie Boyle. Last month she won the gold medal and the title of World Masters Champion so it’s more than a pleasure to ask her how did it go, how she feels now and what are the plans for the coming months…

TSP: Hi Jolie, some great news from the States.. Tell us something about the Los Angeles Masters Worlds. How’s being #1 in the world? Did you expect these medals?

JB: The tournament was brilliant. My aunt and uncle who live in San Diego came with me and they both made me feel really at ease. I was so nervous on the day and my stomach hurt with the nerves. I had been to the tournament last year and I came second, so nothing less than second was going to be good enough for me this time.
My first fight started really quickly. I like to pull guard, but my opponent Marcia got there first and tried and arm bar that wasn’t quite on, but was so close. I freed myself and went on to pass her guard and take her back. I won the fight 7-0. The final was a lot harder. I guess I was playing it safe, but my opponent Chanda was brilliant and had the strongest grips that I just couldn’t release. I still managed to pass her guard and secure a win 3-0. Winning the gold medal and the title of World Masters Champion was dream come true. In the space of a year I knew I had improved and the proof was there on the day. I went on to compete in the open class and had some awesome fights. I got the short straw and got the bigger girls, but I gave it my all and came away with Bronze. I was really please as there was a stacked open class of ladies and it was tough. I felt like I really earn my medals on the day.
I had some team mates from Carlson Gracie there on the day too, plus a jiu jitsu friend Kirsty who kept shouting ‘Go on Jolie, you can do it!’ and that really boosted me up and helped me on the mats.
It was a brilliant day that I would do over again. It feels amazing to be Number 1. It’s all I’ve ever wanted in jiu jitsu, and the best thing is, it doesn’t stop here, there is still so much more learning involved. The journey continues…

jolie 6
jolie boyle

TSP: Hi Jolie! We’ve seen you traveling across the UK and Europe training and fighting. Could you tell us where have you been?Which competitions did you enter?

JB: I’ve been to quite a few different countries this year. I set myself a goal to compete as much as possible in 2014, because 2015 will be filled with other projects. In March I competed locally at the Southend Open and won gold. In April I went to Rome to Compete in the Rome open and the European No Gi Championships. I came away with 3 gold and one silver medal and the title of European No Gi champion. In May I went to Copenhagen. I didn’t do so well and just came away with one bronze medal. I also competed at the British Open and won Bronze and stood on the podium with 2 of my team mates from Carlson Gracie, Kat Gibson and Edyta Opalk. Our plan was to get 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and we did! In June I went to Paris and had a great time. I had some tough matches and came away with a bronze for the Gi and silver for the No Gi.



jolie 2
TSP: How has the BritishBJJ scene evolved and what do you think about the current scene?

JB: I haven’t been in the scene that long, just 3 years, but in that time more clubs have popped up and a lot more people are aware of the sport. There are certainly more competitions available now to enter and more ladies competing too.

TSP: You look very busy between BJJ and Kick Boxing what else do you do apart from training?

JB: I am always busy, and I thrive on it! I run my own temporary recruitment company, so in the summer I’m super busy and in the winter the work cools off a bit. It makes it perfect to train for competitions that are mainly in the winter months. I have a new project that I’m starting with my boyfriend. It’s a food trailer that we are going to be taking to events and festivals, so that’s why I’ll be busy next year!
After starting my food blog and getting totally addicted to sharing healthy low carb food ideas, it made a lot of sense to make the food and take it on the road. Both my boyfriend and I love festivals and good healthy food, so it’s the perfect job in our eyes.

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TSP: Describe your daily schedule?

JB: When I’m training for competitions, I’ll train BJJ 6 times per week. It used to be 8, but I cut it down by 2 sessions as I felt I was over training and getting too tired. In the morning I’ll either go to my strength gym or regular gym, then train BJJ in the evening. I mainly train BJJ in Chelmsford with James Costa and Sam Gibson, but once a week I’ll make the trip to Hammersmith and train in Dickie Martin’s class at Carlson Gracie London, then on a Thursday evening, I’ll train in Colchester with my head coach Alain Pozo.


TSP: We know you are still training with Carlson Gracie Team ( What would you like to tell us about them?

JB: Carlson Gracie team have a really good reputation for being hard workers when it comes to training. Everyone who trains with the team gives it their all. They have a brilliant team spirit and I love the way that even though we aren’t the biggest team, we train and compete like we are.

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TSP: We see BJJ (and other combat sports) popularity is growing a lot. Why?

JB: It probably has a lot to do with MMA and UFC being more accessible on TV. We often get people coming to the gym in Chelmsford trying the No Gi class. We have quite a few ladies training in Chelmsford too. Including me there are 4 of us. For a small gym thats quite a lot. One lady’s husband got her in to it because he trained before, another has a brother who is a purple belt at Gracie Barra Leeds, and the other tried the Muay Thai that is run from the gym (nothing to do with Carlson Gracie) and she said it wasn’t tough enough, so thought she would try BJJ. They’ve all competed and done really well.
Between us all, there is a good female influence at the gym and always at least one of us training, so if someone new was to try, we would always make them feel welcome.That’s another reason why I think the sport is growing. People are really friendly in BJJ and new people are made to feel very welcome. You get to know new members pretty quickly, you have to because you want to know who you are sparring with.

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TSP: Are you still DJing? WHat’s s your favourite music at the present?

JB: Yes I’m still DJing and I still love it! I play House music and always have, although recently I have been mixing it up a bit as I’ve been playing at a lot of bars in Central London. Next year will be my 20th Anniversary of DJing. I can feel a party coming on!

Thanks Jolie and congratulations again on your medals!!

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