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Hic et Nunc: coronavirus, etc..


Italy is locked down for the next 2 weeks and many other countries are implementing similar restrictions in the attempt to stop the spread of covid 19 virus.

We know that the Corona Virus outbreak will have a massive impact on economies at all levels.

As far as we are concerned, we believe that shops, especially the “small” and “local” ones play a crucial social role.

Clothing shops in particular are the places where people not only go to find a sought after piece of clothing but also to have a chat, share views, meet people, etc.

In some case over the years some of them have become real landmarks for those with a passion for this or that style or scene.

This is what Elvio (The Coolness Society)  posted yesterday and we totally agree with him:
If it shocks you to see your cities deserted, with the shutters of the shops lowered, remember that when this emergency is over, if you don’t support your local shops, those shutters will no longer raise up again and you will live in a spooky and depressed city forever. It is the small shops that keep the city alive, and I think that now more than ever you are realising it.
Remember what they are losing during this period and the sacrifices they will make when they will reopen. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary online shopping because you don’t need futile things during the quarantine, save your money so that you can spend it when you’re out shopping again.

On behalf of all merchants, thank you .

“On the other hand, I know that when this is all over, because it has to come to an end at some point, you will go back to doing what you use to do before the emergency.
Who cares? I stand with my classmates: restaurateurs, bartenders, tyre repairs, mechanics, tailors, doctors, dentists. There are plenty of easy and cheap shortcuts but I ‘l keep standing with whomever is here now!”

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