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Derby della Mole

The Derby della Mole, so called because of the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, puts Juventus and Torino in front of them starting from 13 January 1907, when at the Velodromo Umberto I, AC Torino won 2-1.

At the beginning the city rivalry was also characterized by a social component: Torino represented the working class, while Juventus the bourgeoisie.

Another Derby that went down in history was that of May 15, 1932, which was the first Italian match broadcasted live on radio.

Since 1907 there have been 200 official matches, including the two matches of the Coppa Italia 1938 final. There were also 18 matches with mixed teams, the last one being played on 31 May 1990 at the opening of the Stadio delle Alpi.

The record attendance was 70,200 and was recorded on 28 October 1962.

We celebrate the Derby della Mole with two t shirts dedicated to the stadiums of AC Torino and FC Juventus:



Talking about Stadio Filadelfia means talking about the history of Torino. It was born as Campo Torino in 1926 by the will of the then President of Torino Earl Enrico Marone of Cinzano in via Filadelfia 36 and had a capacity of 30,000.

It was established on October 17th 1926 for the occasion of Torino-Fortitudo Pro Roma and lived the whole epic of the Grande Torino. Unfortunately, following the tragedy of Superga, Torino gave it as a guarantee to the Federcalcio and from there began an inexorable decline and was abandoned on June 19th 1963, at Torino-Vasas.

Since then Torino have only played at Filadelfia two other official games, the last of which was on June 14th 1986 against Pisa. Having reached a level of total abandonment it was partially demolished in 1998 before returning to life again in 2015 as a training field with a capacity of 4,000.

Also known as Fila or Fossa dei Leoni, it was also the location of three movies: “We All Fall Down”, “Ora e per sempre” and “Il Grande Torino”.


Piazza d’Armi, a place in Turin intended for troop rallies and their parades, was one of the first stadiums used by Juventus from 1897 in unofficial competitions. From 1900 to 1902 it was used for official home games, but was revived in 1904 and 1907, before finally being abandoned.

The first official match was on March 11th 1900 (Juventus v Torinese), and the last one on February 3rd 1907 (Juventus v Torino).

Corso Marsiglia, officially called Campo Juventus, was a stadium owned by Juventus, as well as the first Italian stadium built in the first post-war period and at the time was considered the most modern one in the nation.

It was built in 1921 and inaugurated on October 22nd 1922 with the match Juventus v Modena. FC Juventus played their home games there until June 15th 1933, the day of Juventus v Palermo. With a capacity of 25,000 it was demolished in 1939.

Comunale was built as Stadio Municipale Benito Mussolini in 1932, but later called Stadio Comunale after World War II. Juventus played their first match at Comunale on June 29th 1933 against Újpesti, and their last one on May 2nd 1990, winning the UEFA Cup Final against Fiorentina.

The Comunale also hosted two matches of the 1934 World Cup, three of the 1980 European Championships, including the famous Italy v England match which was marred with troubles, and the 1985 UEFA Super Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool.

Delle Alpi was built in 1988 and was established on May 31st 1990 for a match between a mixed Juve/Toro team and Porto. Juventus played there for the first time on September 5th 1990 in the Italian Cup against Taranto. The Delle Alpi Stadium was abandoned by Juventus on May 7th 2006 after their match against Palermo.

Five matches of the 1990 World Cup, including the semi-finals between West Germany v England took place at Delle Alpi. It had a capacity of 69,295 and was demolished in 2009.

It was also the scene of important concerts such as The Rolling Stones, Metallica, and Guns n Roses.

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