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The “Fortis London” Project: a quick chat with Daniele Sferlazzo

Today, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration: Daniele Sferlazzo is a clobber collector, an expert in military inspired clothing  and everything related to the Stone Island world. We’ve known each other for more than one year now  and we decided to take a stretch of  road together: the one concerning the new “Fortis London” project.
His enthusiasm and passion convinced us to develop this project by exploring new territories.
Daniele is a great lad , so let’s see  what he has to tell us about this collaboration.

Welcome on board Daniele ! !

Daniele Sferlazzo wearing a Three Stroke Productions overshirt


Our collaboration for the Fortis London capsule was born almost by chance. I had been in contact with the TSP team for more than a year, then one day during a chat we thought about the idea to add a more “technical” feel with some “military” inspired imprints to the Three Stroke Productions collection. Maintaining the identity built by the brand over more than 20 years.

We moved quickly from words to deeds and immediately started working as a team . I started drawing the first sketches to create something according to my vision based on quality, style, and comfort .

over the years I have studied materials, treatments on clothes, fashion books, and archives of the major designers. Because before anything else I am a collector, a fan, an amateur..

Even before starting to collect fashion garments I collected military clothing, military equipment, tactical vests.


Daniele Sferlazzo introducing the new FOrtis sunglassesI have always been attracted by the way in which clothing for soldiers should be so minimal, simple, and at the same time as functional as possible.

Nowadays I am still collecting Stone Island jackets and I mainly love pre-2000 clothes. I think they have a different appeal and represent the perfect mix between vintage military style and the most modern technical clothing.

Massimo Osti has always been my source of inspiration, and no doubt my passion for clothing and fashion started above all thanks to him. I think he was the pioneer of what we now call “sportswear”, he was 20 years ahead of everyone else:  from graphic designer to designer, exploring techniques and materials with his inspiration and his passion.

With the Three Stroke Productions team we decided to work closely with suppliers and artisans in Italy to allow the customer to wear unique, high quality garments both in terms of raw materials and treatments applied to the garments.

The first Fortis capsule collection will hit stores in Feb 2020 with 10 garments mainly made from ripstop fabric, plus a pair of extremely “futurist” sunglasses.

This is only the beginning, we are working every day to allow this project to reach high, very high levels!

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