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“Old Town Stadium Project” : a quick chat with Massimo of Corner Alessandria

Corner Store Alessandria

Massimo is the owner of "Corner", a nice shop located in Alessandria, a city in Piedmont, not far from Turin.
He opened his shop three years ago and so we took advantage of the release of the new shirt celebrating their City's Stadium to have a quick chat with him.
Le t shirt del Mocca al Corner Store Alessandria

The "Old Stadium Stadium Project" seems to get a great result in your city.
Can you tell us how you presented the new "Il Mocca" t shirt?
What kind of feedback did you receive?
Il  Mocca is a nickname that stand from Moccagatta  which is the name of the  president of the team (and city mayor)  soon after the end of WW2.
I am very happy with the feedback we received from our "Old Town Stadium " shirt.
Old Town Stadium project t shirt : il Mocca
The t-shirt's release came at the 90th anniversary of our city stadium, so it was very easy to promote it. Most of the t shirts were pre-ordered before they actually arrived in store.
We also made a mini video to present this project across social networks  and we immediately got the impression that our t shirts weren't going to sit long in our shop ..
For many of  my fellow citizens  "Il Mocca" is like a second home so thanks to their sense of belonging we got a very good feedback.
Furthermore, I was happy to discover that the t shirts were not only bought by  football fans and terrace lovers, but also by people from different backgrounds in the name of love for our football team.
Stile e personalità al Corner Store Alessandria
shirts by three stroke productions
Your store has a great reputation in your area. Are you happy with these first 3 years?
To be honest, it was not easy to present our shop in a small town like Alessandria. Our Corner Store is the first shop selling also "casual" brands  in our area and slowly but surely the awareness of us is growing also thanks to this t shirts. People in our city area  start becoming more familiar with our brands and it's great to see that we also have people visiting us from other nearby cities.
Yeah, I can definitely say that I am very happy with what we achieved in these first 3 years.
events at Corner Store Alessandria
"Old Town Stadium"  video

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