Combat “cargo shorts” by Three Stroke Productions

“Cargo shorts by Three Stroke Productions”


Despite all the current difficulties, we can start to see the light on the horizon: the warm season is coming and yes, it’s that time of the year in which we need to freshen up our wardrobes with some new gear.

The temperatures and possibly the activities associated with the summer season make the choices easy: we need functional and comfy clobber whilst looking smart and stylish at all times.

Cargo shorts are definitely what we’ll be wearing most of the time over the coming months, and their importance in fashion has massively grown over the past few years in becoming a real staple in all men’s wardrobes.


So let’s spend a few minutes talking about the history of this utilitarian piece of clothing, and also about the fabric of our choice to make them.

The history of cargo shorts is purely functional. They were first worn by soldiers during the 1930’s and their large pockets were used for storing maps, rations, and ammunition.

After veterans kept using them after they returned home, cargo shorts were seen at military surplus stores and so eventually overlapped into street fashion.

Combat shorts hit the fashion scene in the mid ’90s after becoming a favourite within the hip-hop and skater scenes, then rapidly incorporated by other street subcultures before becoming the staple for most casual wear brands including Three Stroke Productions.

We added our first “Combat” shorts to the collection back in ’05 with our first batch of “camo” shorts made in Portugal.

Over the years we adjusted the fit, selected new fabrics, tested new dying techniques, all of which proudly brings us to our current display today: a stunning piece of clothing originally designed for tough outdoor activities, and perfect for your stylish summer outfit.

The main feature of our cargo shorts is represented by the use of a very special fabric called moleskin:

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric that was traditionally manufactured in Lancashire and became popular for labourers and agricultural workers due to it’s comfort and durability. Moleskin was eventually adopted by the landed gentry for hunting and shooting gear on account of its wind resistant qualities.

In more recent times moleskin was used to make army uniforms, and due to its versatility this fabric was eventually embraced by the clothing industry.

The use of moleskin makes our cargo’s stand out, and their appeal is furtherly increased by a beautiful palette of colours: from a solid base of military inspired variations, such as olive, sage and desert, and timeless colours such as navy, charcoal, and stone. We recently developed a new range of colours to make the selection larger and to suit the needs of those after brighter garments, hence the introduction of tobacco, avion, and above all mustard.

Not only are cargo shorts super comfortable to wear but most importantly they allow free air circulation, giving you a cool feeling even on a hot summer’s day. They are well-stitched and made from a resistful material, which makes them useful when it comes to the outdoors.

You can pair your cargo shorts with almost all of your summer outfits as they will sit well not only with t shirts and polos, but also with both short and long sleeved shirts.

So sort your summer wardrobe and kit yourself out in the best “Combat” shorts around.

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