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Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Calcio Storico t shirt collab


We teamed up with our pals at Manhattan Casual to celebrate the game that most embodies the true inner spirit of Firenze: Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Apart from running the Manhattan Casual store, not only is Emanuele a boxing and crossfit teacher, but also a longtime  “calciante” (kicker) in the Verdi team

There are four teams and each one of them representing a quarter : Santa Croce for the “Azzurri” (blue), Santo Spirito for the “Bianchi” (whites) , Santa Maria Novella for the “Rossi” (red) and San Giovanni for the “Verdi” (green).

Emanuele told us that being a player for Calcio Storico is a matter of pride:  you represent your “colour”  and the rivalry between the 4 teams is not limited to just a few days before and after the games.

Everyone in Firenze supports Fiorentina AC, but Calcio Storico is an even deeper and committed thing.

He’s now 52 years old and over the years he has worn the Verdi shirt 9 times . He no longer plays, but when the game resumes after the pandemic his passion for the game will continue as always.

Emanuele Nannucci, Verdi, Calcio Storico Fiorentino


Football as we know it today was invented in England in 1863, but there are more ancient versions of this game that find origin in ancient Rome and during the Middle Ages.

The origins of this game are believed to date right back to ancient Rome when the Harpastum game was used by the army to train soldiers.

Calcio Storico became incredibly popular in Firenze from the 16th century involving all social classes from the noble to the poor

After a 2 century break Calcio Fiorentino was reintroduced in 1930 with a tournament involving the four historical quarters of the city.

The rules have been updated since the early days, but the basic idea still remains: aim of the game is to score a goal (“caccia”) putting the ball into the other team’s net and in order to do so the 27 players of each team will fight each other using punches, kicks and wrestling. It’s a tough game, yes, and players do not lack courage. There is honour amongst them, so sucker punching and kicks to the head are strictly forbidden.

The referee will only intervene in case of a massive brawl involving the players!

Nowadays Calcio Storico has become one of the most important historical events in Florence with three matches played every year during the month of June, with the final taking place in the Piazza Santa Croce on the 24th.

The matches are introduced by an opening ceremony where trumpet fanfares, marching drums, and flag-throwers march into the Piazza along with representatives of the four quarters dressed in their traditional renaissance era colors

Until the pandemic, Calcio Storico was experiencing years of huge popularity, attracting fans from all over the world with TV channels not only broadcasting the games but also visiting the training fields and interviewing the players. Although we’ll have to wait another year to revive this exciting event once again, full of action and history.

calcio storico t shirt by Three Stroke Productions

A few months ago after the great success of the “Old Town Stadium Project t shirt dedicated to the Artemio Franchi Stadium of Firenze, Emanuele of Manhattann Casual asked us to design a t shirt to celebrate Calcio Storico, and as longtime fans of the game we were honored to accept his request.

calcio storico fiorentino poster This t shirt features the “Calcianti” in their traditional kit ready to start the game in Piazza Santa Croce and is available in the four quarters’ colours; blue, green, red, and white

The t shirt is available exclusively from  Manhattan Casual Firenze

Viva Fiorenza


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