What is Calcio Fiorentino?

Calcio Fiorentino or Calcio in Costume is a mix of wrestling, boxing, and football that originated in the Middle Ages, but was practised by Roman Legionnaires and is now considered one of the most incredible sports for its very high level of confrontation and spectacularism in an all-Florentine tradition.

The city of Florence is divided into four zones, each marked by a colour: Azzurri (Blues), Bianchi (Whites), Verdi (Greens) and Rossi (Reds).

The event involves the entire city of Florence in the months leading up to the June matches, attracting fans from all over the world.

In the past 10 years, TV channels such as Sky and Dazn have been broadcasting the Calcio in Costume matches, showing the event through TV reports and interviews.

Photo by Maurizio Rufino

Over the years, attending the city of Florence (including the Pitti Uomo Show), we have established many friendships and contacts and have also become familiar with the CALCIO IN COSTUME.

After having produced themed T-shirts dedicated to the four colours of Calcio Storico in the past, Three Stroke Productions is now even more committed by sponsoring the team of the Bianchi di Santo Spirito.

This will be a very important project for the brand: not only will we supply the team’s training kits and have our logo prominently displayed in their gym and training ground, but we will also be able to make videos and interviews with the players to create exciting content for our social networks, and a mini-documentary to best describe the atmosphere of this incredible event by giving voice to the “calcianti”  (footballers) , those who live Calcio Storico with passion, pride and courage..

Fair play, tradition, and a sense of belonging are all values that Three Stroke Productions shares with Football in Costume, so it is a great opportunity for us to be allowed to work alongside the Bianchi di Santo Spirito Team

To launch the new partnership, we released a special illustration dedicated to the team to celebrate their Passion, Strength, Determination, and desire for Victory.

The graphics have been designed by Benny Nicolini from Turin, whose enormous activity, prestigious collaborations and awards you can fully appreciate on his official website.

We are sponsors and friends of Bianchi di Santo Spirito, although our enthusiasm, and above all our respect goes out to all four colours of Calcio in Costume

Viva Fiorenza !!

All photos by Maurizio Rufino

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