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Let’s talk about beanie hats..

Beanie hats by Three Stroke Productions

The Beanie’s origins go back to the Monmouth cap of Medieval England, when it was an essential piece of wardrobe element for every soldier, sailor, or workingman.

Most theories suggest that the beanie cap was named after the head itself, which was often referred to as a “bean” in the early 1900’s.

Back then beanies were often worn by blue collar laborers, which included welders, mechanics, and other tradesmen.

During the World Wars, beanie hats were standard cold-weather apparel for the U.S. Navy, and from the ’50s they also became popular in universities around the world.

During the ’60s and ’70s they became associated with alternative movements, such as poets and hippies.

Then, with the fashion trends of the ’90’s the beanie gained more and more popularity, thus falling back into the mainstream and being adopted by the skater-surfer scenes.

Apart from often being used in the working world, beanies are pretty much a must nowadays within every casual clothing collection.


With Autumn knocking on the door, it’s time to get ready for those cooler days ahead and sometimes accessories can make all the difference:  a warm woolen hat will give you the right dose of comfort, confidence and style you need to get through the coming season.

A few years ago we teamed up with a family run Italian company specialising in high quality woolen accessories and since then beanies hats are a real staple in our Winter collection

We focus on the traditional military and fishermen inspired styles  and concentrate on high quality materials and extensive range of colours

Our AW21 range includes three styles:

  1. “Fjord” : definitely our most popular beanie hat by far. It’s made from 100% extra fine merinos which offer great protection from the cold with maximum comfort. It’s chunky ribs provide elasticity, delivering a “hug” sensation to your head.

2. “Seawolf”: also made from 100% extra fine merinos, it takes its name from the hats once worn by sailors. This style is the perfect blend of tradition and class


3. “Balder” is our newest addition taking our range to the next level  with a top quality blend of cashmere and extrafine merinos.

Style and comfort at their best



Did you know at around 0 degrees centigrade we lose up to about 30-35% of our body heat through our head.

Another reason to invest wisely in a hat that not only looks the part, but acts the part.

Available in 10 different colours, one of our beanie hats are the perfect choice to complete your winter outfit.




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