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An interesting chat with Alain Guerra Pozo, organizer and instructor at Carslon Gracie Team UK, one of the first and more active BJJ clubs in the UK and part of the Carlson Gracie worldwide network.
Great to talk with him about past, present and future of their team.
The 2015 European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship is just a few days away… Come on Carslon Gracie Team!!!



Alain at Carlson Gracie London

TSP: Can you tell us something about the Carlson gracie Team in UK?

AGP: Carlson Gracie UK first academy started around 2001 with an Italian friend Luca. It was based in London and I am proud to say I have been training there over 13 years. The academy in Essex only started in 2010 in Colchester. Before me there was no BJJ in that area.

Luca and Carlson Gracie Jr

Luca and Carlson Gracie Jr

Luca & Carlson Gracie Jr

TSP: When and why did you start it?

AGP: I started in Recife Brazil around 1998 and it was a friend of mine who came back from Sao Paulo with this new sport called Jiu Jitsu. In the beginning I was sceptical, but after I got tapped 50 times I loved it and got hooked. It was only 5 years ago that I started doing this as a profession.

Alain at London Open 2003

Alain @ London Open 2003

TSP: What has been your greatest achievement/accomplishment along these years?

AGP: My greatest achievement was to introduce BJJ to Colchester and create a team out of nothing. It was hard work and very hard in the early days, but now we have expanded across Essex with another academy in Chelmsford and a little dojo called the Penthouse Club with the Paratroopers.

TSP: We see BJJ (and other combat sports) popularity is growing a lot. Why?
AGP: Because BJJ is real! It’s the true art. You are exactly as you roll in BJJ. There is no unresolved issues on the mats. You know you got tapped and why you got tapped. But it does not matter because we are all a family and we always want to improve in our sport and in life.


Jolie Boyle

Jolie Boyle

TSP: We recently interviewed two Carlson Gracie’s athletes, Jolie Boyle (BJJ) and James Webb (MMA). Will they be part of the team heading to Portugal?
AGP: Yes Jolie and James Webb both are registered to compete at the Europeans: Jolie recently won the Worlds and James Webb won the English Open. So both of them with very big chances in winning a gold medal. We have a lot of good competitors with the potential to be on the podium.


James Webb

James Webb


TSP: What are your expectations for the European Championships in Portugal?
AGP: Our expectations are to do our best in Lisbon. Whatever happens is always a great experience and we have competitors with all the different age groups and belts this year. I want to thank a lot Alan Tyler and Three Stroke Productions which has been supporting Carlson Gracie UK since day one! I was sponsored in 2003 as a blue belt! Thank you very much for the interview and wish you success in 2015!

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