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Accessories: the perfect Christmas gifts

Accessories by Three Stroke Productions

It’s that time of the year again..

Come on guys, we’re nearly there: despite all the odds we are not too far from the most awaited time of the year

A special day to be spent in the warmth at home with your families, and possibly after lunch, even a few pints with your friends

Last but not least it’s also the occasion for the traditional exchange of gifts: We think that a stylish accessory could represent a great solution for the perfect Christmas gift, and here at Three Stroke Productions we have everything you need
Browse through our range of scarves, hats and gloves to find that subtle addition that’ll leave you spoilt for choice.


Gloves –

Made from pure sheep leather our “Duran” o “Ingvar” gloves are available in Black, Brown and in the new “cognac” colour

That’s all you need to  keep your hands warm and dry




Beanie Hats

Our beanies are just perfect for any occasion as they are made from the best yarns on the market to provide the warmth and the comfort you need during the cold season

After cheap beanies?  This is not the right place for you ..:)




Hats –

Here’s where style and craftsmanship meet to explore the beauty of the British and Irish headgear tradition and to deliver top class handmade duckbills and newsboy hats

How about baseball caps? Of course we make them guys and they are smart and sporty in their beautiful tweed fabric

All our hats are made in Italy by family-run company




Scarves –

Stay warm and look smart with some beautiful checks wrapped around your neck




Ok guys, I m sure you already found something that you like but maybe you still need a few more hints for your Christmas gift, don’t you ?

So how about a few images combining some of our accessories?

Accessories by Three Stroke Productions

Vidar Blader
Dinamo and Ingvar
Vidar and Axel

Well , great pics don’t you think?

And now we better check how our accessories look when they are worn. Keep going ! !

Axel and ingvar
Balder Vidar Duran

Three-Stroke Productions
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