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The brand was founded in 1997 but what many of you guys still don’t know is the meaning of the name Three Stroke Productions.
At that time, in 1997, we were all fans of motorcycles owning scooters and bigger bikes.
The name came from a compromise between a 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine: Three Stroke Productions.
Hence our desire to achieve, with our work, a synthesis between the lightness, sprint and liveliness of the 2-stroke engine and the stability, endurance and power of the 4-stroke engine.


South East London. Everything started from there in 1997: a small warehouse, three friends with the same dream and great desire to create something special…

It wasn’t, at least in the beginning, a true entrepreneurial project: each of us founders of the brand also had another job and our passion for clothing was still experienced from the point of view of personal use rather than design and production.


The idea

The inspiring idea was therefore to create the garments needed by those who, like us, were involved in a subcultural scene made up of rallies, music, pubs, football and fairly precise and identifying aesthetic codes.

It was during those years that Three Stroke Productions took part as a sponsor in some of the most important scooterist rallies, first in England (Camber Sand) and then also in France (with our friends from Vulcan Paris).


We started making our clothes and accessories in England, but due to the high overheads, in 1999 we moved production to Portugal where we established some very good collaborations with local suppliers manufacturing shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts.

From 1999 to 2003

In addition to polo shirts, gingham shirts and harrington jackets, some of us also liked to wear kimonos and boxing gloves, and not everyone knows that between 1999 and 2003 the ‘Three Stroke Productions Combat Studio’ was one of the first gyms dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA in London. The project only lasted a few years, but the passion for combat sports remains and will always be part of Three Stroke Productions’ DNA. 

Our t-shirts

In the early 2000s, our collection focused on sweatshirts and t-shirts. To date, there are over 200 graphic designs created with artists from all over the world.

The graphic t-shirt is important because, as Dennis Nothdruf, curator of the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, said, ‘it’s an extremely simple way to tell the world who and what you are’, which we have always liked to do.

Made in Italy

Since 2004 we moved most of our production to Italy where we developed our first button-down shirt and trousers ranges.

Today, 60% of our production, including all sweatshirts, t shirts, polos and accessories, is still made in Italy.


In 2006 following to our collaboration with a top level Italian clothing firm we started to reinterpret great ‘outerwear’ classics such as ‘bomber jackets’, ‘field jackets’, ‘duffels’ and ‘peacoats’.

 After all, those who love clothing certainly have a real passion for jackets. We are no exception, and in our archive we proudly preserve over fifty models of jackets and coats that we have made over the years.

Sports and music

As we grew as a brand, we maintained our involvement in the combat sports and music scene with events across Europe, including the highly successful Oasis Night in Milan in 2009 and with friendships and collaboration with athletes from all over Europe like former Super Bantamweight European Champion and current EBU Super Bantamweight Champion Luca Rigoldi.

Technical knowledge and new skills not only come from experience: over the years, enhancements and growth were also generated by encounters and collaborations with people of different backgrounds that helped us to become what we are today. They inspired us to broaden our horizons and increase our ambitions.


As awareness about Three Stroke Productions grew, our collections improved year by year with the addiction of new styles in wool, more jackets and a stylish range of handmade hats.

Over the years we have explored the broad tradition of British and Irish headwear with Samuele and his family run company: first rate Italian artisans we re proud to work with.

The roots of our early days are endorsed by a contemporary approach made from high quality fabrics and great attention to details.
But our mission is not accomplished until our garments displayed in the shops are actually purchased by customers. Only then, and not before, can we say we have done a good job.

The full satisfaction of those who wear our garments is our reward.

New logo

In 2014 we designed and introduced a new signature to be used as a patch for our jackets and trousers. It had to be simple but at the same time very identifiable. We therefore opted for a minimalist logo consisting of a shield with a circular inscription showing the name of the brand and the year it was founded: 1997

Since then, the use of the new patch has become increasingly present in all our collections.

Our partnerships

Today, more than ever, our aim is to combine aesthetics and functionality in our garments, which can only be achieved by collaborating with first-class partners.

Over the years, we have managed to establish strong relationships with some of the best suppliers in our industry. 

Like them, we believe that having a solid relationship based on transparency, honesty as well as the desire to improve and mutual respect is essential today in order to meet the challenges of the market.  


Let us come to the present day: the times we live in are not easy for anyone and, believe us, managing an independent project like ours requires experience, adaptability, creativity, but also luck and passion. We have chosen to remain an independent brand because we love to have a direct relationship with all those who help us to improve and grow day after day: from suppliers, to shops, to all collaborators, to those who believe in us by choosing to buy our clothes.

Our values

We don’t necessarily try to please everyone, but we do our best to never disappoint those who follow us.

Over the years, the Three Stroke Productions team has changed and rejuvenated somewhat, but our commitment remains the same: we aim to make authentic, high quality, useful and aesthetically beautiful garments, respectful of our own identity but, at the same time, attentive to the evolution of the market and, above all, to the expectations of those who choose to wear them.

Through our work we want to contribute to the growth of a “scene” that promotes positive feelings, a sense of belonging and sharing the values of Style, Identity and Respect.

25 year of TSP

Born in London on 7th  December 1997, Three Stroke Productions is now 25 years old. Well, it would be great to be 25 years old again, seeing as that was more or less our age when the three of us behind the brand started the company. The team ‘s line-up changed a bit over the years, but after more than two decades we’re still around, thanks to the contribution of a few younger lads that joined us along the way delivering new energies to Three Stroke Productions. So, wherever we are, on every 7th Dec, we celebrate our Anniversary:

“Here’s to the guys who love us, the losers who lost us, and the lucky bastards that get to meet us”.


Your Support - Our Strength

In these twenty-five years we have had the honour and pleasure of meeting people from all over the world. On some occasions these have been small and temporary collaborations, on others real friendships that last to this day. Every meeting, every collaboration, every exchange has made us grow and enriched our cultural background. Thank you, therefore, to all our fellow travellers.



Terry Shaugnessy,

The Purple Hearts,

The Chords, 

Chelmsford Scooter Club,

Johnny Brown and Twisted Wheel, 

A Guy Called Minty, graphic designer



Oasis Fans Club,

Supernova Oasis Tribute,

Profilo Basso fanzine,

Brit Wall, British Music Festival 

Luca Rigoldi, Super Bantamweight EBU Champion

Team Colonnese//Fighting Spirit

The Solution

Vulcan Paris Scooter Secte.

Three-Stroke Productions
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