A talk with Violet Class (Reading)


We had a nice chat with Violet Class, a Reading-based band with a punk soul attitude. Strongly attached to 90’s Brit music and football, these guys are growing up day after day with their live activity… so here they are!


Please introduce yourself: history, line up, etc Vocals Influences, Style, etc.

We’ve been together for about 2 years and gigging for 18 months. We have myself (lead guitarist), James Fearn (vocals), David Storrar (rhythm), Jack Barnes (bass & vocals) and Stu Sheppard (drums). We have many influences but mainly of the 90s era which is when we all first started listening to music.

Are you guys into football. What’s your team?

Yeah we’re all into footy. Me, Fearny and Stors are all Reading and been going for quite a few years. Our Jack though is an unfortunate Forest fan.


What’s your favourite clothes shop?

Don’t have a favourite clothes shop as tend to shop on eBay to source rare and original clobber. I buy quite a lot from 80s Casuals Classics.

Favourite brands?

We are into a real range but me personally like Sergio Tacchini, Fila, Ellesse, Adidas, Lacoste, Fred Perry etc.


How would you rate the current music scene?

Mid table mediocrity.

Which bands do you like?

There are many bands we like and have our own personal influences. Me personally would have Stone Roses, Ride and The Smiths in my current overplayed list.

Current projects and future plans?

We will be releasing a single in the New Year through Small Town Mentality Records and playing some gig nights through the label including exciting gigs with Tom Hingley, Northern Uproar and Alan McGee’s 359 discovery John Lennon McCullagh. We will also be playing for 80s Casual Classics to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Definitely Maybe alongside Bez of Happy Mondays and 808 State.

Thanks guys, wish you the best. Cheers!


You can find Violet Class here:

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